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*Get Started with Research*

Easy to follow guide on essential steps of the research process: Choosing and refining a topic, creating effective search strategies, finding books and articles, evaluating information and more!

Questions to ask about sources

Now that you've identified a search strategy and you know the kinds of sources required for your assignment (e.g. scholarly books or articles, primary sources), it's time to get started with looking for books and articles through McKillop Library's home page. Make sure to reflect frequently on where you're at with your research, and feel free to skip sections or return to previous ones as needed. 

As you find books or articles that look promising ...

Scan the summary or abstract  

Does the article or book...

  • relate to your topic
  • align with your subject area
  • meet assignment requirements (e.g. scholarly source)

If not, try again with some different search terms and keywords.