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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New Databases

The following databases are newly acquired:
Access requires creating an individual account. Register for an individual account with your Salve email address and any password that you choose. Once registered, users can login to the New York Times website and access all digital content both on and off campus, including the NYT app. For those with an existing personal subscription that uses their Salve email in the login, you must first cancel your personal subscription. Users who get an error message of "access unavailable" when trying to register should first cancel any personal NYT account, then use an incognito/private browser window to register, or clear their browser's cookies before registering, or use a different browser to register. Content goes back to 1851, but for articles from 1923-1980, users are limited to view and/or download 5 PDFs per 24-hour period. See also the database Historical New York Times.
Trial access only, ends 12/20/21. Provides location-based data, and tools to visualize and interact with data. Create maps, charts, reports and downloads. Explore hundreds of thousands of built-in data indicators related to demography, economy, health, politics, environment, crime and more.
Includes Vogue from 1892 to present.