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Esther Maria Alarcon Arana, Ph.D.

Esther María Alarcón Arana, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Modern Languages

Dr. Esther María Alarcón Arana received her M.A. in English (2001), and both her M.A. (2010) and Ph.D. (2015) in Hispanic studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on Transatlantic literatures and cultures from the nineteenth century to the present, with a strong emphasis on Spain. She is very interested in issues regarding personal and national identities, different kinds of displacements and uprootedness, and feminism. She has presented her research at multiple national and international conferences and has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and book collections. Her most recent publications include 'Ni perdidos ni callados: la cultura participativa como reapropiación de la agencia en En tierra extraña,published in the book El cine de la crisis (UOC, 2018) and as an editor of Muerte y crisis en el mundo Hispano: Respuestas culturales (Peter Lang, 2020). 

Featured Spring 2021

 Death and Crisis in the Hispanic World

Cultural Responses 

[Muerte y crisis en el mundo hispano

Respuestas culturales]

Edited by Esther María Alarcón Arana

Summary:   This book explores the intersection between crises and deaths in different types of cultural representations—mainly literature, cinema, and other media—in the Hispanic world. Although these two categories are generally feared due to the negativity they imply, they acquire a positive tone in this book, since, departing from Michel De Certeau's concept of "tactics", these contributions focus on how the supposed victims of crises/death become agents who operate against the hegemonic power. The book is divided into three sections, namely, "Death, memory and national crises," "Crises and suicide," and "Gender, crises, and death." Within the diversity of topics this collection of essays offers, these contributions examine an idea of crisis as a condition of possibility, offering new interdisciplinary perspectives to the study of Hispanic cultures in different historical moments.  

MLA Citation

Alarcón Arana, Esther, editor. Muerte y crisis en el mundo hispano: respuestas culturales. Peter Lang, 2020.


McKillop Library Main Collection:   PQ6073.D4 M84 2020

Featured Spring 2021

Gender Violence in Contemporary Spain
[La violencia de género en la españa contemporánea] 

Edited by Sara Fernández Medina 

III.B | Reeducate for Equality: A New Little Red Riding Hood Against Gender Violence in 21st Century Spain

[III.B | Reeducar para la igualdad: una nueva Caperucita contra la violencia de género en la España del siglo XXI

Esther Ma. Alarcón Arana

Summary:   One of the most frightening consequences of patriarchy in Spanish society is gender violence. Lately, this issue has received much attention in the media and the popular culture. In this article, Dr. Alarcón Arana examines the educational objective of a new version of Little Red Riding Hood, Caperucita Roja, as written by Patxi Irurzun and accompanied by the photographs by Clemente Bernad that chronicle the disappearance of Marta del Castillo. The combination of these two texts demonstrate new spaces to challenge patriarchy, by subverting the mysogynist ideas that dominate society and attempt to change our reality by means of positive examples and a critique of patriarchy. 

MLA Citation

Alarcón Arana, Esther. “Reeducar para la igualdad: una nueva Caperucita contra la violencia de género en la España del siglo XXI.” La violencia de género en la España contemporánea, edited by Sara Fernández Medina, Fundación de la Universidad de Alcalá, 2020. 


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