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Craig Condella, Ph.D.

Craig Condella, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Faculty Fellow, McAuley Scholar
Philosophy | Humanities | Cultural, Environmental, and Global Studies

Dr. Condella's primary research interests are in the fields of environmental ethics, the philosophy of science and the philosophy of technology. In environmental ethics, most of his work has focused on the writings of Aristotle and Martin Heidegger, considering in particular how nature must be re-thought and re-imagined if we are to change our relationship with it.

His work in the philosophy of science has centered on evolution, exploring both the philosophical implications of human evolution as well as the scientific credibility of Darwin’s theory in contrast to theories of creationism and intelligent design.

Finally, his work in the philosophy of technology, though rooted in Heidegger’s assessment of modern technological being, has more recently incorporated the works of Bernard Stiegler and Andrew Feenberg in considering how new technologies - such as the iPod and Facebook - are fundamentally transforming our relationships with each other and our perception of our own selves.

Featured Spring/Fall 2019

Spaces for the Future

A Companion to Philosophy of Technology

Edited by Joseph C. Pitt and Ashley Shrew

Chapter 15 | The Cloud

Craig A. Condella and Julie C. Swierczek

Abstract:   Strepsiades: Zeus! Socrates, you must tell me, who are these ladies singing this amazing song? Are they some new breed of female idols? 

As part of Routledge’s Spaces for the Future volume, “The Cloud” begins by considering the popular notion of cloud computing as a seemingly infinite storage and share space, only to then consider the problems and perils lying within. With co-author Julie C. Swierczek, Condella situates the dream of the “cloud” within the Western philosophical tradition and considers the various issues associated with cloud computing at present and into the future.

MLA Citation

Condella, Craig A. and Julie C. Swierczek. “The Cloud.” Spaces for the Future: A Companion to Philosophy of Technology, edited by Joseph C. Pitt and Ashley Shrew, Routledge, 2018, pp. 154-63.


McKillop Library Main Collection:   T14 .S665 2018

Featured Fall 2018

If You Build It, They Will Come

 The Employment of Nostalgic Techniques in the Design of American Baseball Stadiums

Craig Condella 

Abstract:   The opening of Oriole Park in 1992 spawned a revolution in the design of American baseball stadiums that would dominate the next quarter century. Its exposed brick, irregular outfield walls, natural grass field, and incorporation of local landmarks recalled parks from the early 20th Century even amidst the modern amenities that fans have come to expect. Dr. Condella believes that the appeal of Oriole Park speaks to a broader phenomenon in our increasingly fast-paced technological society, a desire to slow down time to recover a part of ourselves. Oriole Park and its progeny are thereby a prime example of what he calls nostalgic technics, a trend in new modern technological design that delivers importantly new, more advanced products under the guise of what seems otherwise old and out of time.

MLA Citation

Condella, Craig. “If You Build It, They Will Come: The Employment of Nostalgic Techniques in the Design of American Baseball Stadiums.” Humanities and Technology Review, vol. 36, 2017, pp. 1-30,


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