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McKillop Library supports and promotes the scholarship and research of faculty through its faculty lecture series and through this virtual and ongoing display of recent faculty publications. The display of faculty publications is updated biannually.

Nancy Gordon, Ed.D.

Nancy Gordon, Ed.D.

Associate Professor & Chair | Counseling, Leadership and Expressive Arts

Nancy Gordon is Chair of Salve’s Graduate Department of Counseling, Leadership, and Expressive Arts, and is also Graduate Program Director for the Leadership Dynamics and Practice Master’s program. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Relations, and a Doctorate in Administration, Planning and Social Policy. Her professional, teaching, and research interests are interdisciplinary and intersect: they include leadership theory and practice; holistic and integrative leadership paradigms; and whole systems change. She teaches core skills in self leadership, personal mastery, interpersonal communication, organizational leadership, cross cultural awareness, and systems-based thinking.

Featured Fall 2022

Chapter 10
From Mission to Praxis in Neighborhood Work

Lessons Learned From a Three-Year Faculty/Community Development Initiative

Laura L. O'Toole, Nancy E. Gordon, and Jessica L. Walsh

Abstract:   This chapter presents the case study of a partnership between the HEZ, a resident- led neighborhood collaborative in Newport, RI and the Leadership Dynamics and Practice Program (previously Holistic Leadership program) at Salve Regina University. A hybrid model of participatory action research (PAR) and community development (CD) grounded a two year collaborative to develop a sustainability-focused strategic plan and to document the leadership/CD values and practices in use but not previously formalized or promoted in HEZ publications or reports. The case study leadership project assisted the HEZ in securing funding to sustain resident mobilization and neighborhood development at the end of the first five-year funding cycle, while illuminating the CD praxis that made it a model of racial equity and inclusion among local organizations. The chapter situates this project within a larger three-year grant-funded university initiative designed to facilitate transformation within institutional, pedagogical, and community/project interfaces by aligning the justice-based university mission and community-based collaborations between faculty and partner organizations. 

Publication Information

Laura L. O'Toole, Nancy E. Gordon, and Jessica L. Walsh, "From Mission to Praxis in Neighborhood Work: Lessons Learned From a Three-Year Faculty/Community Development Initiative." In Randy Stoecker and Adrienne Falcón (eds.), Handbook on Participatory Action Research and Community Development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022, pp. 189-199


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