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COVID-19: Information and Research Support Salve Regina

General Information and Updates: Government and NGO Sources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: United States-centric COVID-19 situation updates, action recommendations, information for specific organization and population types

World Health Organization: Global perspective COVID-19 situation dashboard, online trainings, travel advice, action items

Rhode Island Department of Health: Rhode Island-centric recommendations, RI infection numbers, RI hotline phone number, RI executive orders

Salve Regina University: University information and resources related to COVID-19 response


COVID-19 Resources

Research Resources related to COVID-19

Congressional Research Service Reports on COVID-19: Reports prepared for members of Congress to keep them up to date on national issues related to the outbreak. 

OVID COVID-19: Most recent articles on COVID-19 with a public health and medical focus

SpringerNature COVID-19: Clearinghouse of recent research articles on COVID-19. Scientific perspective. 

Elsevier COVID-19: Clearinghouse of recent research articles on COVID-19. Scientific perspective. 

PubMed articles on COVID-19: pre-formulated search of resources from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Biology perspective.

DisasterLit: pre-formulated search from US National Library of Medicine's Disaster Research Information Center. Perspective on disaster response for public health and disaster response professionals.

Homeland Security Digital Library: Pre-formulated search on COVID-19 of documents related to homeland security. Justice perspective on the outbreak.

Personal Guidance Regarding COVID-19

CDC recommendations for preventing spread of coronavirus for patients and caregivers in the home

WHO advice for the public, including how to use a mask, videos and other resources


New York Times Latest Headlines

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Other resources

UC-Merced Libguide with list of resources and analysis on the economic impact of the outbreak.

Epidemic Proportions exhibit chronicles how Americans have coped historically during epidemics, from the Bunk History website. 

Local News Sources