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UNV 102: Communication and Power (LaChapelle)

Research guide for Professor LaChapelle's UNV 102 course

Build Your Online Research Toolbox

In college, you'll be challenged to think more critically about the sources you choose for research-based assignments. If you imagine a building project as a metaphor for research, we know that a hammer and nails serve an important function in most construction jobs, but other tools might be required, and more appropriate: there are lots of important tools and materials needed to complete a project, and some serve very specialized functions. The goals of the project determine the tools and materials needed for the job to be done well!

Likewise, research tools differ in their purpose and function, and some tools will serve you better than others, depending on your goals. This guide contains tools, strategies, and suggested resources for your semester research assignment. If you need further help, a librarian is just a click away!

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