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Nursing Research Orientation

Research guide for Nursing

Using Books for Research

  • Books provide in-depth coverage of a topic
  • Books offer essential background information, which can help you to contextualize new issues pertaining to the topic
  • Books provide valuable insight even if only a portion of the content is used
  • Books can lead you to other relevant sources through their bibliographies

Find Books and E-books in the Library Catalog

In this brief video, we'll show you how to set up a search in the library catalog, and then filter your results to include eBooks.

Catalog Search

Catalog Search - Try It Yourself

Explore More eBooks!

McKillop Library subscribes to multiple eBook "vendors" to give you access to a rich collection of titles for your research. Some of these may be better suited to sources outside the study of Nursing and Healthcare. Explore the sub-page, All About eBooks, located on the left navigation panel.