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*Get Started with Research*

Easy to follow guide on essential steps of the research process: Choosing and refining a topic, creating effective search strategies, finding books and articles, evaluating information and more!




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Am I Done Researching?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you have finished your research:

1. Have you identified the main arguments and issues regarding your topic?  Have you explored multiple perspectives on your topic and identified the key thinkers?

2. Are you finding the same information in multiple sources that are credible?

3. Have you utilized relevant and reliable information from different types of sources (e.g. books, scholarly articles, government publications, magazine articles, newspaper articles)?  Do your included sources meet the requirements of your assignment?

4. Are you running out of time to write or complete your project?  If you are spending too much time researching, it might be time to get started with writing. 

5. Have you included enough information to answer your research question and support your thesis statement?