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HUM-605: Philosophical Perspectives on the Digital Age (Craig Condella)

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Research Paper Assignment

From your syllabus:

‚ÄčResearch Paper: 

The topic of the paper will be of the student’s own choosing, but it should be an issue rooted in, or essentially related to, the Philosophy of Technology.  In other words, there should be a significant connection to one of the themes or topics addressed over the course of the semester.  To that end, the paper should draw upon at least one of the semester’s readings, possibly more depending on the topic. Beyond this, however, students should work from scholarly sources, i.e., peer-reviewed articles in Philosophy Journals accessible though Salve University’s McKillop Library website (  Students may draw upon research from other disciplines (history, literature, political science, sociology, etc.), but philosophy should constitute an essential part of the project...

 Though the research paper may involve a topic that the student has already worked on and/or is geared toward the student’s eventual dissertation topic, this paper should be an original work that is importantly informed by the material in this course. 

Professor Condella recommends you consider searching the following journals:


•            Techne (located at

•            Philosophy & Technology

•            Science and Engineering Ethics

•            Nanoethics

•            Neuroethics


Here is a short video that shows how to find out if the library has access to a particular journal title, how to search within that title for your topic, and how to do a search for all journals that start with a particular word, like "technology"." 

I also recommend you try your search in the library's EBSCO article search and in JSTOR. Below are some quick videos that show some tips for using each. 


Library Tools for Research

Below are videos which show how to use the tools. To be able to see the videos better, try first making them full screen by clicking on the square to the lower right of the video, and then on the little gear symbol to put the video in 720 px HD. 


One option is the library's database, EBSCO. Your research for the philosophy of technology may be interdisciplinary. In that case, one option may be to search all of EBSCO's many databases with an all-EBSCO search. You can also try searching your topic only in the journals for a particular discipline. This lets you search for your topic through the lens of that discipline. To do this click on the "Find Articles" tab on the library's homepage, then "databases by subject" to find databases in your discipline. 

Here's a little video that shows you how to do an all-EBSCO search.


Another terrific tool for this research is JSTOR. You can also limit by discipline for JSTOR or do a broad search across disciplines. 

Here's a quick video that shows how to do a discipline and date-limited search in JSTOR. Click on the small square in the bottom right of the video to make it full-screen. 

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