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HCA-110: Health Care Systems (David DeJesus)

Research Guide for Health Care Systems

Guide purpose

The purpose of this guide is to help you find sources for your research paper. From your assignment description:

Each student will develop, present and submit a short research paper addressing a current topic within the healthcare industry. The subject of the paper will be a topic that is within the Course Outline of the syllabus. The topic must be approved by the instructor.

Each paper will have at least five credible sources, including at least two published articles. Sources may include professional journals from the healthcare industry or related industries or professions, the Wall Street Journal, and relevant websites.


Your padlet, for links to the articles you found:

End of class survey, including room for further questions:



Articles for the Research Paper

To find articles related to healthcare, I recommend trying three tools to start: the library's article search, the library's catalog, and an advanced Google search in the .gov domain.

Library's Article Search

The library's article search provides access to articles in our EBSCO databases, across many disciplines, including business administration, policy, and health. The below video shows how to use features in EBSCO to limit your search by date, save or send yourself the articles and citations, and search within a specific journal for more articles. 

Library Catalog for Print and E-Books

The library catalog is a good place to look for the big picture on your topic. You may find the big picture on, say, the current operations of the healthcare system, though you might not find a whole book on the way the healthcare system works in Rhode Island. You might find a chapter on the more specific topic, however. The below video gives some tips on features of the library catalog to make your searching more efficient. 


Google Advanced Search to find government reports and data

If you are using materials you find on the open web, you should evaluate what you find for credibility, bias, and accuracy. Restricting your search to government documents can take some of the guesswork out of your searching. The below video shows how to use Google Advanced Search to limit your search to .gov and .us domains. 

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