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Finding Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Sources for your Academic Journal Article Critique

This guide will help you find peer-reviewed scholarly articles to complete your  Academic Journal Article Critique assignment. 

After you find articles in the tools discussed below, you can evaluate them to identify whether they're scholarly and peer reviewed, as your professor requests. Ask these questions:

  • Who is the author? Are they qualified to write about their topic? Do they have credentials (PhD in discipline they're writing about, high level of experience in military or government)? Use information provided by the database or Google them to find out. 
  • Is article published in a peer-reviewed journal? Google the journal title to find out if it identifies itself as peer-reviewed. 
  • What is the article's language like? Is it highly formal, using discipline-specific language?
  • Does the author include citations in footnotes or a bibliography at the end of the article?


Library search tools discussed in the below video include: 



and EBSCOhost databases through the article search on the library's homepage (be sure to click on the "articles" tab).

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