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Guide Purpose

This online research guide is intended to help you find the research materials you need to complete your final term paper. From your final term paper assignment description:

Research Requirements:

  • For each of the parts that analyze your work of art, you should use at least 3 different sources. This means that your bibliography should include a minimum of 9 or more different sources (a minimum of 3 per methodology).
  • The 9 required sources DO NOT include the works of theory and criticism that we read for our class. 
  • The works cited should be the most important and appropriate sources for a given topic, and not just the first books or articles found.  
  • Any work that appears in the bibliography should be cited in the text of the paper.
  • Online databases and museum/institutional sources are allowed.  Do not use Wikipedia, blogs, or other unreliable sources. 

Papers should include endnotes and a bibliography... For endnotes and bibliography, follow the formatting of The Chicago Manual of Style

Research Activity and video for ART 354

Search Strategies and Tools for this Paper

Your professor has given you guidance on how to construct your short essays in your assignment description. In order to construct the search you'll perform in different search tools, you'll follow this guidance. For example, you might search: Name of art work, name of artist, name of art movement, or any combination thereof. 

I suggest you try this search in several search tools:


Library's book catalog

Library's article search (EBSCO)

Google Scholar

Sources for overviews and general information (eg: "postmodernism," "Feminism," "Jasper Johns," etc.)

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Library book search (from library's home page)

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