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Principles of Marketing Research Guide

Guide purpose

Link to create a New York Times account: 



This guide will help you do research to fulfill the requirements of your marketing audit project.

From your syllabus:

This guide will point you to research strategies and search tools which will make fulfilling the above requirements more efficient. 

In your online practice activity we'll practice using  Statista, EBSCOhost's Business Source Complete, and Hoover's. Below, you'll find videos that show some of the tools and strategies for these tools and several others you might find useful if you can't find what you're looking for in Hoover's, Statista, and the government resources we cover. 

Business Source Complete

  • Company/brand profiles
  • SWOT analyses
  • articles discussing the legal and regulatory environment and how that affects your company's industry


  • Demographic and economic environment information and forecasts
  • Industry information and forecasts
  • Country information and forecasts
  • Competitive information, sometimes including market share
  • Global information
  • Consumer behavior
  • Other useful information (depends on your company and industry)


  • Company/brand information, words to describe your company/brand's industry.

Industry organizations

  • Regulations and policies affecting the industry.
  • Google words describing your company/brand's industry and add "advocacy organization" or "industry organization."

United States Bureau of Economic Analysis

Pay special attention to the "data" and "tools" menus

Economic data, including: 

  • Gross Domestic Product
    • national, by industry, state, county, metro and other area
  • Consumer spending
    • nationally or by state
  • Personal income
    • nationally, state, county or metropolitan area
  • Employment
    • by industry, state, county, or metropolitan area
  • International trade data

Census Economic Indicators

Use the drop-down menu or scan the options to review Advance Monthly Sales or Quarterly Reports in your brand's sector.


Research Practice Activity

Researching industry information

To find broader industry information, try the library's search tool, First Research. First research has extremely useful information including industry information such as

  • industry overview,
  • recent industry news,
  • forecast,
  • quarterly updates,
  • critical issues,
  • trends,
  • opportunities, and other information.

Again, a pro tip is to use Hoover's to find your company's NAICS code to quickly find more industry information. 

To research the political and legal environment of an industry, try a search in Hoover's Online to find a business' NAICS code. Then try a search in Business Search Premier using the NAICS code and a search word like "legal" or "political" to look at articles about the legal, political, and regulatory environment in that industry. A SWOT analysis for the industry may also provide this information. 

Here's a short video that shows how to do this search. 

Citation of business databases

This guide to citing business sources and databases from Miami University has guidance on both MLA and APA citation.