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Technology in the Library: Study Rooms

Study Rooms

McKillop Library has three study rooms available: one on the second floor (Room 217), and two on the third floor (Rooms 304 and 306). We also offer an individual semi-private study cube (1st FL). Students may reserve these rooms ONLINE.

  • Study rooms may be booked up to 4 days in advance.
  • Study rooms can be booked for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours and/or 4 hours per day per user.
  • If a study room is not booked and is empty, then it is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, however users may be asked to leave at any time to accommodate a reservation.
  • Due to COVID-19 we ask that room capacity limits and social distancing guidelines be followed. Masks are required.

The study rooms feature the following equipment and technology:

Study Room 217 (Max Capacity 3)

  • 60" flat screen display with Cable TV
  • Cables (HDMI/VGA) for various devices/laptops for projection onto the display**
  • Conference-style table (seats 11)
  • Dedicated PC with wireless keyboard/mouse (attached to monitor)
  • Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • Webcam for Skype/Webex/Zoom video conferencing
  • Dedicated phone for teleconferencing
  • iMac desktop computer
  • Dry-erase board (magnetic)*


Study Room 304 (Max Capacity 3)

  • 75″ LED flat panel display
  • Dedicated PC attached to display
  • Wired and Wireless keyboard/mouse
  • HDMI cable, VGA cable, and 3.5mm audio cables to connect laptops and other devices** to the display
  • Touch control panel
  • One desktop PC
  • Dry erase board* (magnetic)
  • Blu-Ray DVD player
  • Seats 6 people

Study Room 306 (Max Capacity 2)

  • 46" plasma display
  • HDMI/VGA laptop connection cables**
  • Desktop PC computer
  • iMac desktop computer
  • Dry-erase board* (magnetic)

Individual Study Cube (Max Capacity 1)

• PC desktop computer w/ wired keyboard/mouse
• Dry-erase board* (on wheels)
• Rounded table with room for laptop, study materials, etc.
• Semi-private enclosure with glass walls

*Dry-erase marker sets are available for checkout at the 1st FL Circulation desk.
**Laptop and mobile device dongles/chargers (Apple/Android) available at 1st FL Circulation desk.

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