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Technology in the Library: How to Copy

Copying Overview


To Copy, you may either use the flatbed scanner or the paper feed tray at the top of the machine.

The feed tray works best with single or multi-page documents (please remove staples or paper clips).

The flatbed scanner works best to scan pages from a book or journal, or smaller items such as a passport or license.

Also see... Printing Instructions and/or Scan-to-Email instructions

Copying Instructions

1. Swipe your Salve ID. (A valid Salve ID is needed to print, copy, or scan).

2. The on-screen display will show your printing balance. Press "OK" on the display screen.

3. Press the “Home” icon on the touch panel display, then touch the “Copier” icon.

4. The default settings for copying documents are single-sided, black & white. To change the settings (for example, to copy in color or double-sided) use the settings on the display.

5a. To copy pages from a book or journal:

(A.) Lift the top of the scanner to expose the scan bed.
(B.) Place one side of the journal or book face-down onto the scan bed;
the top left corner of the document or page should go flush against the top left corner of the scan bed (note: copies default to portrait orientation).
(C.) Press the "Start" button to copy.
→If making copies of items smaller than standard paper size such as a license or passport, please place a blank sheet of paper over the item.


5b. To copy loose documents, place the pages printed-side up onto the paper feeder and then press the “Start” button.

Please remove staples or paper clips before placing pages onto the feeder.

When finished, remove your original documents from underneath the feed tray.



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