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Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature

Research guide for Children's Literature

Find more books reflecting different cultural experiences

To find more books reflecting diverse experiences in children's literature, try using Library of Congress subject headings. You can click on some of the headings below, or compose your own search. 

To compose your own search, click on "advanced search" under the catalog search box on the main page:

From the dropdown menu on the right, select "subject"

Add a phrase to the search box. Try using combinations of words describing specific populations you'd like to read about, always ending with "juvenile fiction."

for example:

  • African Americans juvenile fiction
  • Chinese Americans juvenile fiction
  • Native Americans juvenile fiction
  • immigrants juvenile fiction
  • refugees juvenile fiction

Here are some specific terms you can click on to see lists of books. If you use "juvenile literature" instead of "juvenile fiction" you will find that these books include nonfiction books for children. 

Refugees juvenile fiction

Immigrants juvenile fiction

African Americans juvenile fiction

Native Americans juvenile fiction

Pakistan juvenile literature 

Morocco juvenile fiction

Burkina Faso – Juvenile fiction

Paraguay -- Juvenile literature

Korean Americans Juvenile fiction

Bangladesh Juvenile fiction.

Cuba Juvenile fiction

Sudanese Americans Juvenile fiction.




Examples of Multicultural Picture Books in the CRC

Books for Middle School