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**Research Basics**: Google Scholar

Easy to follow guide on how to do research step by step, from start to finish. Choosing and researching a topic, using library materials, finding books and articles, search strategies, evaluating information and more!

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?
Google Scholar uses the Google search engine to search specifically for scholarly literature, including articles, books, theses, and court opinions. 

Google Scholar results include links to Salve Regina University Library resources and appear to the right side of results as a Find @ Salve link. For Salve results to appear, you must do the following: 

1. Go to Google Scholar preferences (or click the gear on the top right of the Google Scholar page). 

2. Click "Library Links" on the left sidebar. Then, in the search box, enter Salve Regina University and click the search button. The University name should then appear in the list. Check the box next to Salve Regina University - Full Text @ Salve and Open WorldCat - Library Search and then click "Save" (see screenshot below).
scholar preferences
Google Scholar is a free web-based search engine that searches for scholarly materials such as books, articles, conference proceedings, theses, preprints, abstracts and technical reports. Google Scholar generally excludes non-academic websites. Google does not provide a list of which titles or publishers are included in Google Scholar. Coverage in Google Scholar is stronger in the sciences, and weaker in the humanities. Google Scholar is an alternate starting point for your research, but does not include all of the resources available online from McKillop Library's databases.
Here is an example of a search result in Google Scholar with a link to the article through the library's JSTOR database.
Does Google Scholar index all of McKillop Library’s subscription research databases and provide the full-text of articles from all of these databases?

No. While Google Scholar will allow you to find articles from some of McKillop Library’s subscription article databases, it does not index all of our databases.  For access to all of the library’s databases, see the Databases A-Z list or the Databases by Subject list.  For a list of our available journals, see the Journals list.  

Questions about Google Scholar

Why am I being asked to pay to access a full-text article?

Some of the links in Google Scholar will lead to documents in subscription databases to which McKillop Library may or may not subscribe.  If the article is located in a database that we do not have access to, there may be an option in Google Scholar to purchase the article.  Salve Regina University students, faculty and staff do not need to pay for access to these items.  To locate books, Salve community members should first check the library catalog; requests can be made through interlibrary loan.

The availability of articles can be checked by searching for the specific article’s journal title in our A-Z Journals list. Articles that are not available through McKillop Library can also be requested through interlibrary loan

Can I limit my Google Scholar search to a certain author or publication title?

Yes, Google Scholar’s Advanced Search page allows several limiting options such as author, publication name, and date.

What is the difference between Google Scholar and Google Book Search?

Google Scholar searches across a range of scholarly information including books, articles, and citations.  Google Book Search only searches for full-text books, and provides information on where to borrow or buy the book you want.