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Find Nursing Articles By Topic

To find articles by topic, search by keyword in one of the library's nursing-related research databases. These databases index articles in a large number of nursing and medical journals by topic, and allow you to search for articles by keyword. If you are off-campus, you will be asked to enter your Salve username and password. 

Select a nursing database to search ...

CINAHL Complete       See also: In-depth CINAHL searching guide
The world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing and allied health journals, providing full text for more than 520 journals indexed in CINAHL. Includes coverage of over 1,200 professional journals in nursing and 17 allied health disciplines, with coverage as far back as 1982.

Tips for searching CINAHL:

  • Usually when you first access CINAHL through the library webpage, you will see the basic search page. For easier searching, click on the Advanced Search link under the search box.

  • The CINAHL Advanced Search page will allow you to enter multiple keywords to search for articles by topic. Think about the main topic of your research question, then pull out the main keywords for that topic and enter ONE keyword in each search box. (For example, do not enter Does helmet use reduce brain injury but instead enter brain injuries in the top search box and helmets in the second search box.) Choose AND, OR, NOT in drop-down menus to connect keywords. In most cases, you will want to search for 2 or more keywords using AND. Then click search.

  • If you are not sure of the correct terminology for your research topic, try using the CINAHL Headings link to look up your topic. This link is located along the top of the screen in the blue bar.

  • CINAHL headings example: The term heart attack is not used in CINAHL headings, instead use the term myocardial infarction. Using the correct subject term according to the CINAHL headings will help you to find more articles that are specifically on your topic.

  • Important search limiters available in CINAHL: Full text - limits your search to articles where the complete full-text will be available directly in CINAHL. Peer reviewed - limits your search to articles that come from scholarly academic journals. Research article - limits your search to articles that directly report the results of the author's own original research study or experimentation. Publication type - choose type of document.

  • The first ten articles found by your search are on the first page of results. Click on the page numbers in the light blue area to go to the second page of results.

  • Look through the articles found by your search. If your keywords are not working, try using the CINAHL headings (link is on top blue bar) to find an alternate term for your topic, or try user fewer keywords to get a more general search. It is better to start with a search that is broad and then narrow down your search if needed.

  • Suggested subject headings are listed on the left sidebar of the results page. Clicking on one of these narrows down your search by adding this term into your search query. To do a new search on one of the suggested subject headings, go back to Advanced Search, enter the subject heading in the search box, and choose to search in Subject.

  • If you are in a hurry, try limiting your search to full-text and peer-reviewed. This will make it quicker to get to scholarly articles that are in full-text directly in CINAHL. Please note that if the full-text of a particular article is not in CINAHL, it is possible that the library has this article available in full-text in another database. Look up the article's journal title in our Journals List to see whether the full-text is available in another library database. If you need an article that is not available in our e-journal subscriptions, please use Interlibrary Loan to request the article.

  • To print, email, save, or cite a certain CINAHL article, click on the article's title link to go to the detailed display of info on that article. Then use the small icons on the top right to print, email, save or cite.

Nursing Full Text PLUS (OVID)
A collection of full-text online nursing journals hosted by Ovid. Please note this database is restricted in terms of the number of users who can simultaneously access the database. PLEASE LOGOUT when you finish searching.

Tips for searching Nursing Full Text PLUS:

  • Use Advanced Search. To do a keyword search, choose your key words and use AND between multiple keywords. In results list, click PDF for full article.

PubMed Central
A digital archive of life sciences journal literature, developed and managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Tips for searching PubMed:

  • Go to Advanced Search.
  • Enter one or more keywords. Do not put AND between keywords
  • To open the full-text click on the PDF link underneath the article's info.

Science Direct
Contains a large collection of full-text science, technology, medicine, and nursing journals.

Tips for searching Science Direct:

  • Go to Advanced Search.
  • Use quotation marks around phrases.
  • Under Subject, you can limit to Nursing and Health Professions if you want to rule out all the articles from medical and science journals.
  • In the results list, click on the PDF link under each article to full up the full-text.

Additional databases:

Contains more than 25,000 full-text articles from 42 journals published by American Psychological Association and allied organizations. Coverage includes general psychology and specialized basic, applied, clinical, and theoretical research in psychology.

Sage Journals Online
Includes over 460 journals in business, humanities, social sciences, and medicine. Includes nursing journals such as Nursing Science Quarterly, Journal of Research in Nursing, Journal of Family Nursing, Journal of Holistic Nursing, and Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

AltHealth Watch
A full-text and image database comprised of publications focused on the area of complementary and alternative approaches to health.



Find Books

Library catalog

Call numbers on most nursing & medical topics start with R. Books with R-RZ call numbers which are in the Salve Main Collection are located on the 3rd floor. Call numbers group books together by subject.

Call numbers for Nursing:

R       Medicine (General)


RA    Public Aspects of Medicine


RB    Pathology


RC    Internal Medicine         


RD    Surgery         


RE    Ophthalmology         


RF    Otorhinolaryngology


RG    Gynecology and Obstetrics         


RJ    Pediatrics


RL    Dermatology


RM  Therapeutics. Pharmacology


RS    Pharmacy and Materia Medica


RT    Nursing


          48             Nursing assessment
          48.5          Diagnostic techniques. Laboratory tests.
          48.6          Nursing diagnosis
          49             Nursing care plans
          49             Nursing records. Charting
          49.5          Computer applications
          55             Problems, exercises, examinations
          65             Medicine and surgery for nurses
          74.7          Preceptorships in nursing education
          75             Graduate nursing education
          76             Continuing nursing education 
          81.5          Research. Experimentation
          82             Nursing as a profession 
          82.8          Nurse practitioners
          84.5          Philosophy of nursing.  Nursing models
          85             Nursing ethics
          85.2          Religious aspects
          85.5          Standards for care
          86.3          Nurse and patient
          86.54        Transcultural nursing
          86.7          Practice of nursing. Economics
          87.N87       Nutritional care. Feeding patients
          87.P35       Pain
          89             Nursing administration
          90             Teaching. Patient teaching. Nursing education
          90.3          Health Promotion. Health education
          97             Public health nursing
          98             Community health nursing
          120.C45     Chronic diseases
          120.E4       Emergency nursing
          120.F34     Family nursing
          120.H65     Home nursing
          120.I5       Intensive care
          120.L64     Long-term care facilities
          120.O9      Outpatient facilities
          120.R4       Rehabilitation

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Reference sources - encyclopedias

Searchable collections of online reference books such as encyclopedias & dictionaries:

Salem Health - collection of online encyclopedias on medical and health topics

Online videos on Nursing



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