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Humans and Their Environment

Plankton Planet: Harmed by Humans (52:00)

Plankton fills an essential niche in Earth’s food chain and a vital role in the health of the planetary ecosystem. For several decades, however, a growing level of human impact on the biosphere has been increasingly modifying the age-old equilibrium of marine plankton. This program examines the broad implications of three major concerns: how the inadvertent transfer of invasive plankton species via ship ballast is negatively altering the biodiversity of plankton; how agricultural runoff and other pollutants are affecting plankton populations; and how rising sea temperatures due to global warming are facilitating the proliferation of toxic plankton species.  (52 minutes)

Environmental Issues

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Water Conservation
Water Conservation at SRU-2010

Carbon Footprint
Library Facts for Carbon Footprint Project [pdf]

Carbon Footprint Project - 2009 Student assessment of Salve Regina's campus impact on global climate change.

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP)

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