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Humans and Their Environment

Low Carbon: The Economics of Climate Change - Full Video (57:26)

Some conservatives paint the environmentalist movement as socialist or worse, but the key to reducing humanity’s carbon footprint may actually appear in new manifestations of capitalism. From electric car technology to the production of ethanol out of waste products, fighting climate change is in fact creating new economic opportunities and could actually steer the planet away from a plunge in Gross World Product. One of the countries leading the charge is Spain. As it promotes solar and wind energy and the widespread use of bicycles, the second-largest country in Western Europe is embracing the challenges of green commerce. What can be learned from the Spanish example? This program investigates. (57 minutes)

Environmental Issues

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Water Conservation
Water Conservation at SRU-2010

Carbon Footprint
Library Facts for Carbon Footprint Project [pdf]

Carbon Footprint Project - 2009 Student assessment of Salve Regina's campus impact on global climate change.

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP)

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